Aidan Cheeatow is a producer-director-cinematographer from Toronto, Canada. His work has screened at BFI Future Film Festival, DOC NYC, Blackbird film festival, and has been featured on Shorted, Booooooom TV, and Melted Magazine.

Aidan's work includes collaborations with CBC Short Docs, Little Dot StudiosSkillshare, and Greenhouse. He is the Co-Founder of Lost Line Media – a boutique production company located in Toronto. 

Aidan's directorial work largely explores family structure and weighing the importance of nature versus nurture. His latest film, Heartbreaker, features his sister, Madison, and his niece, Isla. 

In addition to directing, Aidan is a capable cinematographer who excels in both spontaneous, run-and-gun situations and controlled studio environments. Aidan is just as comfortable designing a lighting plan as he is chasing around a documentary subject with a camera. 

Most recently, Aidan produced, directed, and edited the official music video for Greyhound by Greenhouse. The video premiered on March 4th and is available to watch on the Lost Line TV  Youtube channel.